Course details

Store rental plan Basic charge 50000 -

Store rental plan Basic charge 50000 -

By using a coupon50000 yen

※ Negotiable at TEL such as contents and time zone

  • 30persons-
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

We are offering charter for in-store facilities.Minimum guarantee (day) 50,000 yen ~ (night) 100,000 yen ~.It can be used for various purposes such as lecture, photo session, tea party, game competition, wedding party second party etc.In the option plan, we also offer food and drinks and free play of games.

Course menu

In addition to chartering facilities in the store, an option plan is also prepared!

● With cooking

+2000 yen per person ~

※ The dish varies according to your budget.● All you can drink beverage

+2000 yen per person ~

* Soft drinks, all-you-can-drink menu

※ It is a glass replacement system

● AR (HADO) all you can

+ 6,000 yen per 1 hour (with attendant 1 person)

● Unlimited VR (1 room)

One room, + 6,000 yen per hour (with attendant 1 person)

※ Up to 3 rooms

· Exclusive stage available

· Various monitors, sound equipment available

· Music Equipment (U-SEN) Available

For details please contact the store!

2018/12/26 update